NGA Hackathon series: AngelHacks w/ Blue Compass to host two Hackathons in Sept & Nov

NGA Hackathon / Demothons in Sept & Nov 2016

This back to school season, look at these two prize money / possible job placement Hackathons/Demothons.

The NGA ( National Geo-Spatial Intelligence Agency  — ) is looking for new fresh ideas for big data analysis and dataset collection and has opened the Disparate Data Challenge.  This Hackathon & Demothon is a 2 stage engagement with stage 1 open to US citizens and stage 2 only open to stage 1 winners. Stage 1 submissions due by Sept 19, 2016.

Also part of NGA’s Hackathon series and backed by the AngelHack as well as Blue Compass LLC, is  ExpeditionHacks, hosted at Hunter College, NYC On  Nov 12-13,2016. This Event is more of the traditional 24 hr hackathon. Where teams of UP TO 5 can show their merit on a Geo-spatial conservation and efficiency hack session.  Show you can provide a sustainability, or ‘come-up’ solutions for indigenous communities.





DC Tech Meetup #38, Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Last night the DC Public Library system, namely the MLK Memorial Public Library at 901 G St, planned host to the monthly meetup of  Dc Tech meetup, to which I’m a member.  Last night’s Topic was a  showcase of Women in the Tech industry with just about 800 attendees (both male and female).  The event showcased several very promising ventures lead by or started by women in the Dc Area.   DC Tech Meetup — Event page

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CALLING ALL DC AREA Female Coders / CEOs, Founders

This coming Tuesday, July 21st DC Tech Meetup is  having a meetup SHOWCASING and  discussing issues and programs /  examples for and  from the female Dev Community…

Location:MLK Library, 901 G St NW, Washington DC  –That’s 2 blocks form ChinaTown Metro.

Time: 6p-~9P (presentations normally go til 815-830 with a happy hour at a local bar — NOTE: Door Staff WILL CARD)

Event Link: