F26 Live Respins Test Builds available, *** Call for additional testers ***

With the recent public release of Fedora 26, we in the Respins SIG, have begun testing of Fedora 26 builds.  These test builds include:

Cinnamon (CINN)



LXQT (LXQT) — New addition with Fedora 26, additional/heavy testing requested.


Sugar On A Stick (SOAS) – Educational spin, tailored to youth and those with cognitive problems, (i.e. rehab after a stroke)

Gnome Workstation (WORK)


Please grab the ISOs from [ http://de.fspin.org/Testing/ ] or  [ http://tx.fspin.org/Testing/ ]. If you happen to see multiple runs there unless otherwise asked to, test the newest date run.


It is planned to have any build issues worked out by mid-August and by the start of Fall term having Official 26 Respins replace the present 25 builds.

For any questions, feel free to join us on IRC, [ ircs://irc.chat.freenode.net/#fedora-respins ].








#RedhatDID: Retrospective and a look ahead to future events

Oct 6, 2016:  The day several Redhat trainers and industry folks met to talk about best practices and give feedback on the vision and mission ( and speed of progression) of Redhat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) and upstream /  downstream projects and products.  Among one of the most popular Sessions was the one by Robin Price and Martin Priesler on OpenSCAP which was a standing room only  session with nearly  1/3 of attendants in attendance for this talk / session.  Rita Carroll and others setup a interest list for those that would like to attend another OpenSCAP Workshop (mainly centered on a hands-on event but other venues seemed open for debate). If you’d be interested regardless of whether you like me were in attendance please email Rita @ rita@redhat.com with a simple subject line referencing OpenSCAP Workshop (Tysons Area).

All slide decks will be up on the RedHatDID site used for registration within the coming week or two ( some presenters were not  Redhat afterall).

The above link has all the info about all 4  tracks presented and the topics, If you would like more info or a company visit on any topic shown ( or maybe something more topical to your organization) feel free to contact Rita or another event coordinator to schedule.

Next Event will be on Nov 2, 2016 at the Ritz-Carlton, Pentagon City, Va  and is FREE for Gov’t folks when registering for the rest of us Industry folks that’s still only $195 for a 8 hr symposium with some of the most authoritative folks in the industry.

New Malware for Windows targets firefox users.

Below is an image of the new malware attempting to get  Windows users of Firefox to install a drive-by malware labeled by  Windows Defender as  Trojan:Kovtar.


Valid versions of  Firefox for windows are:

Stable: 47.0.1 available  @ https://firefox.com

Beta: 48.0.b5  available @ https://www.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/channel/

Nightly: 50.0.a1 available @ https://nightly.mozilla.org/

For any questions about using any or the validity of your version free free to visit:

SUMO (SUpport MOzilla)

Mozilla IRC network   in channels #firefox or #sumo

F23-20160428 Updated Lives Available NOW!! (4.4.8-300)

Hello again fellow Fedorians,

Last night, 4.4.8-300 was deemed stable and we have new updated lives f23-{i386,x86_64}-{CINN,KDE,LXDE,MATE,SOAS,WORK,XFCE}-20160428.


20160428 Kernel Fixes / Package Updates

Kernel Update info (bodhi)

  • 4.4.8-300
  • CVE 2016-3961 — xsa174 xen: hugetblfs crashing guests (PV Guests) rhbz # 1323956
  • rhbz # 1309980 skylake p_state won’t boot
  • CVE 201-3955 —  kernel usbip: buffer overflow trusting length of  IP packets rhbz #1328479
  • rhbz # 1309487 RTL8723BE chipset has  weak signal

Package  Updates:  285  in total

Notable updates:

  • abrt including addons
  • avahi
  • bluez
  • cinnamon-devel
  • cinnamon-docs
  • cinnamon itself
  • eclipse
  • OCE


Where to get them? F23 Live-Respins (ISOs) (updated to 20160428/4.4.8-300)

Want to torrent pull? F23 Live Respins (Torrents) (updated to 201604028/4.4.8-300)

Need Torrent Hashes ? F23-20160420 ISO Checksums & Torrent Hashes

New Feature: rsyncd is now running for the respins  you can obtain them via this method at:


Per request from a few folks I have  pgp signed  the  hash files and  a non gpg signed hash files (which  both match for those that have  shown fears of a  modified  hash / MiTM… The key used is my  Fedora key: OxD2264944  FP: 6292 9ABD 6374 6AA7 6D4B 730F 5927 6298 D226 4944

Want to run a installfest / have options for install? F23-20160428 Multi Boot ISO (x86_64 Only) — I can help you create a Multi Arch or host one elsewhere if desired however with the reduction in i686 installs in this day and age it’s not something I will host normally.  (Due to migration the MultiBoot will be delayed however the checksum is  available in its the usual location.

Some help with rsyncd overload?

So you love  Fedora so much you have  decided to mirror it ?  Great! However some of you are causing undo strain on the master servers by doing  partial rsyncs ( times out mid way  or  connection tanks).   So how to know if you are one of strainers and /or  why would | should you care one iota? Well  those partials are  `stat`ed and  take a very large toll on  remaining open connections for others, seeing as in the default rsync the master servers have to check your current copy  against its copy to see what you have and still need.  These partials of  (often 1Tb-10Tb trees like alt, development (Alpha builds for Fedora 24), and rawhide) take up bandwidth, IOPS, and available connections for other folks namely the registered `Tier 0` and `Tier 1` mirrors (aka the ones we  average mortals  get updates from).  Makes sense that if they  can’t  get timely  copies of  updates on their  drives they  surely  can’t get them to you can they?

So you think you may be one of these offenders or  wanna help someone (friend who is mirroring or the admin of your local mirror) stop / prevent being one,  what can you do?

  • Read Mirroring Guidelines: Recommended rsyncd timing
  • Set your cron jobs to a more sane and practical 6-8 hours OR 2/3x daily
  • Let your main internal use mirror source your machines in your environment, updating your local master daily
  • Ensure you are on the master list of official mirrors, and the mirroring mailing list, which keeps you (or the admin running it) up to date of  high traffic  days or  pre-release `bit-flip` times when rsyncs that are not  deltas are  requested to stay at a minimal
  • Once you are fully  updated that first time  use delta pulls `–delta –delete-after`  which only  pulls in  what is  missing not  re-downloading the entire mirror



Source: partial rsyncs causing undo stress on main servers