Flock ( August 12-15 2015)

Flock 2015:  Flock to Fedora 2015

So what is  Flock and  why am I going, and why should you care about:

Flock is a 4 day Fedora  conference where we  think of  better way to  deploy / implement and create things that  make  everyone’s  life  easier  both fromt eh  enterprise / sysadmin side and the  average  everyday  layman.

Some  sample talks / discussions this year:

  •  10 things that  kill Open Source (just those folks and projects that are  free as in liberty and beer)  And  no  Open source  does not  mean  insecure or  even secure by default OR low budget — Its a  community hive mentality,  and like any  community  some  bad  habits / players   are always  at the very least a ‘drive-by’ threat.
  • Two factor authentication with GPG,  A   topic  I wish every one  could attend.  We no longer  live in a world  where that  post it note password reminder is  safe or  worth the time to stick in on your monitor  or  it that  desk drawer.
  • Docker — Lovely stuff for both development uses and  secure instances like  web servers  even  key vaults  ( the  ssh / gpg / kerberos / Authorization kind )
  • Understanding / using DNSSEC,  another security  talk about how to keep your  home networks or  enterprise  secure  from things  like  DNS Amplification attacks
  • Cryptography for the  beginner

Gimp / assorted Photoshop   &  Developer Tools  Workshops / best practices

So where is this ?  and  can you still get in ?

Where:   Hyatt Regency, Downtown Rochester, Ny

When: August 12-15th

Cost:  To attend:  FREE  To Sponsor: $1,500 –  $10k +   for sponsorship info  email flockinfo@fedoraproject.org


Fedora 22 Updated Respins Available (2015-F22-*-20150806)

Coming later today ,  The Official  updated respins, will be  ready for download from:

Live Respins (Permalink)

The Folks maintaining the live-respins are all volunteers and use a whitelisted tracker, we kindly ask that you not add additional tracker and instead publicize it on your social media networks and where others may be made aware of it.

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DC Tech Meetup #38, Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Last night the DC Public Library system, namely the MLK Memorial Public Library at 901 G St, planned host to the monthly meetup of  Dc Tech meetup, to which I’m a member.  Last night’s Topic was a  showcase of Women in the Tech industry with just about 800 attendees (both male and female).  The event showcased several very promising ventures lead by or started by women in the Dc Area.   DC Tech Meetup — Event page

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F22 Updates (August) for 32 and 64 Bit systems.

The  second installment of  F22 Updated respins are coming  available  today, Monday  20 July 2015.  As usual they can be  found at the following permalink:

Updated Fedora Lives (updated monthly sometimes more frequently)

Feel free to  contact me here or via email: sheldon.corey@gmail.com  OR  any  of the  core seeders, creation team in IRC :  Southern_Gentlem, striker,danofsatx,bodhi_zazen and myself (Corey84) for  tips , comments,complaints,etc

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CALLING ALL DC AREA Female Coders / CEOs, Founders

This coming Tuesday, July 21st DC Tech Meetup is  having a meetup SHOWCASING and  discussing issues and programs /  examples for and  from the female Dev Community…

Location:MLK Library, 901 G St NW, Washington DC  –That’s 2 blocks form ChinaTown Metro.

Time: 6p-~9P (presentations normally go til 815-830 with a happy hour at a local bar — NOTE: Door Staff WILL CARD)

Event Link: http://www.meetup.com/DC-Tech-Meetup/events/213907562