Vacancy Announcement: MakerSpace Coordinator, NovaLabs

novalabs-makerspace-coordinatorNew Vacancy Announced at NovaLabs, Reston, Va

MakerSpace Site:

ANNOUNCEMENT for a Makerspace Coordinator, Announcement pdf below.


Anyone that is interested is highly encouraged to contact Jim (email in the PDF) or anyone at the MakerSpace. NovaLabs is located at 1916 Isaac Newton Square West  (approx. .5 mile from the Reston Silver Line Station).

Not your thing, feel you’re not qualified but know someone else whom may be a fit or interested? Share this post or the pdf itself freely.


DC area Developer? Emerging Tech your thing?

Well then Let’s see you come out to  DevIgnition 2016  over at the AoL Campus in Dulles,Va on Apr 29th.

Not sure if you are up for the topics? Have a look at Last year’s Elephant Talks

DevIgnition 2016 – Apr 29 2016 $30

Promising use of 3d printing

Organ Harvesting on the Black market seeing the beginning of  its demise?

A team in China,  saved a 9 month old baby with a  3d printed  Heart.  My  first thought was how many  poor cancer and kidney / liver sufferers could benefit IF (hopefully only when not if) this  becomes something that is the new medical norm, and then the reality of  cloning and  using this to revive less than desireable individuals (like violent offenders) also came to the forefront. I can only hope a reasonable and  sane minded (if that can truly be  quantified and agreed on) body  can regulate this in a way where everyone wins.