My Name is Corey Sheldon, I am a 32 year old USMC Veteran, with my own Small Freelance IT Consultancy and Auto Detailing businesses and a new startup venture (more below and in future posts).  I am a Big  Open mentality person, not just  code and firmware wise but even lifestyle wise.  Life has taught me  that 1) life is too short to strife over such trivial crap, and 2) If you can’t / won’t be happy with yourself and being yourself then you lose all desire / motivation to live.   I personally assist in the admin duties of  several facebook pages /groups,  contribute to several github projects, Charity walks / Foundations, and co maintain the official Fedora torrents with the help of  4 other main players offering a HA / high bandwidth offering  for updated ISOs to the user community and any one else interested in Fedora or Linux in general…

Projects / Groups I am most active in:

Charities / Groups:

Marine Corps Marathon series  (as a course marshall / packet pickup / advocate)

NAMI / Best Buddies (as a Race / Event volunteer and advocate)

On Facebook:

Android Developers group Admin

ROM Flashers Anonymous  (Honorary Group Admin)

Deviant Development  (Long Time Beta Tester / long time Fan / co membership admin )

NAMI | National Association of mental Illnesses (Co Admin)

San Angelo Cell phone swap and sale (Co Admin / part time ad validator)

On Github:

torchat |redphone 



Pithos (pandora native client)

Fedora { Anaconda | blivet |testCloud | fas | infra-(lots)}

On Stackexchange: (most active communities listed)

Android | Apple | SuperUser |ServerFault |Area 51 |Puzzling |Ask Ubuntu | Meta | Tor |Docs Beta

Personal Venture (Startup with 4 other Co-Founders)

Project SkunkWorks

Fedora Ambassador, North America

  • user:linuxmodder

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