FOSSCON 2016 –Event Recap

FOSSCON 2016: Free & Open Source Software CONference was hosted at the International house of Philadelphia on Aug 20th 2016, and showcased nearly  20 vendors and nearly as many talks (plus ‘lightning talks’) and a Key Signing party.

This year saw nearly 600 folks attend during the 9 hour conference,  and had several interesting talks including:

  • A Tour of OpenStack Deployment Scenarios
  • Secrets of the Dead: What Modern Programmers can Learn form COBOL
    • This one was rather thought provoking and mostly went into the modern disease of  fast to market, and screw fuzzing (the manual, qa style testing and debugging)
  • WeeChat, Always on all the things
    • Despite the botched demo (blame a lack of  demo god sacrifice, lol) this talk was Very informative regarding what is possible with this popular Bouncer for IRC and XMPP (jabber, whatsapp,etc)
  • Using FreeBSD, Jails,Poudriere, and ZFS for fun and profit
    • This was much like the COBOL talk very secure the things centric and very informative.

Back at the Fedora booth,  I had a steady flow of interested folks before and after the installfest, which also was the co-location of a impromptu key signing party where at least 3  folks were walked thru a Fedora 24 install (one on a now dual booted Mac Book Pro –without bootcamp) and much teaching on best practices  for installs, Out of Band (OOB) vetting / validation of keys was taught to new comers.

We distrubuted around 40 DVDs to booth visitors most of whom were already Linux users and about half of those Fedora 23 /24 users.  Several visitors this year were repeat visitors from last year’s conferencem, where most folks had never seen much less handled / played with the XO which has become a stable attention getter for the booth.

Also, several ‘test drives’ were had on the Event Thinkpad T510 with F24 updated Multi-boot (Not generally published with the usual Updated ISOs — , however available on request.)

For more info on planned events to meet with the Ambassadors team, stay up to date with where we will be at:


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