F24-20160823 Updated Lives Available (Last of the 4.6.x Kernel updates)

Today we have the newest installment of the  F24 Updated Lives, carrying on average 690 Mb of updates over the Gold Images from two months ago.

These updates carry the 4.6.7-300 Kernel and all updates from 20160815 up to 0800 20160823.

As will be the new standard there is CHECKSUM512-20160823 & HASHSUM512-20160823, which includes the raw CHECKSUMS & HASHSUMS , aka checksums of the ISOs and the torrent hashes (fully searchable type).

F24 Updated Lives

NO Source Torrent is made, if you have a need for one contact me either via email or in a comment here. The contents of both files are embedded below. Notably absent fora second update is the SOAS spin which again failed to build.  There have been a few tracker issues with this series, if you experience any please contact myself or Southern_Gentlemn|kk4ewt in the #fedora  channel on Freenode or via email — linuxmodder(@)fedoraproject(dot)org or jbwillia(@)fedoraproject(dot)org.  We have also asked last series for testing of the KDE-JAM spin that was in last series, if you’d be interested in testing this spin for stability and usability again please contact one of us vai means mentioned above.

 user@localhost $ cat CHECKSUM512-20160823

eaa2d96de1da8615a6c34b8e98ec50c8384aaa7fe2df6ab40d41f4524cea9981ff9c50a7055a6fbdacf6589d37d5ee48fe1eb07049bcbf096f8649e5edb5f85b F24-x86_64-CINN-20160823.iso

34cffbe15c58823b390baf2d7f889080cd3f9d3643da1b017337192c792c1666e165dc49de5f3efa5c9c510f185cdc48f14245caef3310b61e1acb96b49150ba F24-x86_64-KDE-20160823.iso

0df2de6d6f743869ce9352e8d4983d28574e331a9cbf0bd2fa58d4bde9b9d67332b766696769fbf6a747e988dc5c508c979c9882b8ef7f3f393e3d0fb550f33a F24-x86_64-LXDE-20160823.iso

710d68037978c4db4acdf164aa13ba0a483782212b98b81a7e138718d452ccb609cd95e66f9e0b1cfb1cd4696b37f0b5849e2a7d26a1bae69bf1f0e84b33d8c7 F24-x86_64-MATE-20160823.iso

3d532525cfbe1b93c64bcddd84cab2ea364b3fee76e8d7d7c8efa441c7e27fd2b8209f7b4b6d5ff6b56bdeebc1b24e805e01fc18883a7fcb84e3719642ce2821 F24-x86_64-WORK-20160823.iso

bb71a74c42f73f89c98daa53c0707494da07beb82b101eec4635cd9385cec2029a7eed23690e9b1d2a35d28c8b08a234ff2ca590d5fd8c44a59570a4891d9b97 F24-x86_64-XFCE-20160823.iso

user@localhost$ cat HASHSUM512-20160823:


7b18a13a4f088b7a2e5a97d63879c8db9a1d3d9f F24-x86_64-CINN-20160823.iso

0a4ba0362b59746d860fceba690c145df88ed4ce F24-x86_64-KDE-20160823.iso

31ab072a41551a876ea200503c897ddd4dbbe9d5 F24-x86_64-LXDE-20160823.iso

76c63de699188cc4331fdaf7d26e4e132b578bc1 F24-x86_64-MATE-20160823.iso

20f3d161d99209725420a0e958b709f8da647deb F24-x86_64-WORK-20160823.iso

ce07d9593525f957f607cd07a5a2a2b44492f8f3 F24-x86_64-XFCE-20160823.iso


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