First round of Fedora 24 Updated Lives now available. (torrents expected later this week)

As noted by my colleague on his blog   the first round of  F24  Updated Lives are now available and carry the date 20160720, Also as mentioned last week on his blog F23 Respins are not  going to be actively made, however we and the rest of the volunteer team will field off-off requests as time and resources permit.  We are considering a new/second tracker for the Updated Spins but as of  today there are only  .ISO files available at [shortlink] F24 Live-Respins .  The F24 respins carry the 4.6.4-200 Kernel and roughly ~500M of updates since the Gold ISOs were released just 5 weeks ago.  (some ISOs have more updates, some less)

CHECKSUM512-20160720 is hosted on above link as well as on my  usual people space fedorapeople hosting

HASHSUM512-20160720 is also hosted on my  fedorapeople space tracker should be back up and running within the week.

Updates & Notables:

4.6.4-200 Kernel


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