New Malware for Windows targets firefox users.

Below is an image of the new malware attempting to get  Windows users of Firefox to install a drive-by malware labeled by  Windows Defender as  Trojan:Kovtar.


Valid versions of  Firefox for windows are:

Stable: 47.0.1 available  @

Beta: 48.0.b5  available @

Nightly: 50.0.a1 available @

For any questions about using any or the validity of your version free free to visit:

SUMO (SUpport MOzilla)

Mozilla IRC network   in channels #firefox or #sumo


3 thoughts on “New Malware for Windows targets firefox users.”

    1. Marry, Seems to be a scam style site first they can’t be bothered to secure their site with ssl/tls and only use the google api for ssl, and its seems very poorly done it has several typos on the pages describing packages and products and its all very ‘catchphrase’-y


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