F24 Beta Announcement (Technical & End user input sought)

Source: https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/F24_Beta_release_announcement

So are you interested in Fedora 24 and / or what is going into it?  Have a look at the working  wiki page  and  help finish the announcement, Mostly looking for technical edits at this point (aka the ‘what does this do / mean) and  if you are a more layperson and things are not  clear enough or  missing something ?

Add it  BEFORE Thursday 5 May 2016 1500 UTC.

Planned  release is  Friday  6 May 2016,  be on the lookout.

Current  Fedora users / contribs  login with your FASID to edit for others please either:

  • create a FASID and  edit ( can also use wikimedia OAuth to  create an account on the wiki)


  • join us in IRC (webchat.freenode.net    channel is #fedora-commops) — or  via your  local irc client of  choice 🙂 and  mention your  ideas / edits.

the repo is at:



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