Bitcamp: Fedora Booth Review

Slideshow  Featured: Chaoyi (cydrobolt), Mike (mikedep333), Justin (jflory7), Corey (corey84),  Mohammed — attendee, and repeat visitor to booth, whom I helped with a pesky Dell xps 15 Developer edition dual boot with Windows.

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So what is BitCamp ?

BitCamp is one of  several Hackathons hosted by MLH (Major League Hacking).  As  is apparent from the above links,  BitCamp and all hackathons hosted by MLH, are centered on a  mentoring  mentality more of the McGyver aspect rather than the typical nefarious aura that is  painted on the hacker community  at large. This year  was centered mostly on Electronics hacking so  ‘How can I get this  Raspberry Pi,  Arduino Board or  other household DIY circuit  board to do X, Y, Z?’

So what did Fedora and its ambassadors do at  bitcamp?

  • Helped with at least  6  installs  of Fedora 23  on  new  / current /  return  users  laptops.
  • Chaoyi helped with several Js attendees as a registered  Js mentor.
  • I helped  with several installs of  dual boot ( with at least 2 nvidia  and / or  efi + secure boot).
  • Justin helped me with showcasing the XO, even using his  personal RIT issued one to showcase some advanced features and flexibility. If you wish to get one of your own, although a  newer model as the one we have is no longer on sale, direct donation purchases are still a thing [1]
  • Mike and I had a very engaged and  informative  ‘ Our Road to Open Source’  campfire  talk with attendees on Saturday evening.
  • Mike and I had several visitors to the booth interested in x2g0  / remote access options as well as  a surprisingly  high amount of  interest in a  kali alternative, which I had loads of fun showcasing  the Security spin (technically a lab ) [2]  to quench that thirst :).

Think events like this are your thing?  Wanna join the Fedora team doing these kinds of things or other non conference / hackathon things like coding, UI/UX refactors,  ? Cool check out the links below  for more info on how to do so.







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