F23-20160324 Updated Lives Available (4.4.6-300 Kernel)

Hello again fellow Fedorians,

Last night 4.4.6-300 was deemed stable and today we have new updated lives  f23-{i386,x86_64}-{CINN,KDE,LXDE,MATE,SOAS,WORK,XFCE}-20160324.


20160324 Updates Changelog

  • 4.4.6-300

Nearly  815  assorted updates, among them were several large update suites for:

  • cinnamon
  • kde
  • playonlinux
  • wine
  • eclipse
  •  evolution
  • git
  • glusterfs
  • libpurple
  • libcacard (smartcards)
  • libvirt
  • qemu/kvm
  • owncloud
  • php
  • python2/3 (various updates)
  • qtwebkit
  • xen

Where to get them? F23 Live-Respins (updated to 20160324/4.4.6-300)

Want to torrent pull? F23 Live Respins (updated to 20160324/4.4.6-300)

No Torrent Hashes ? F23-20160324 ISO Checksums & Torrent Hashes

Want to run a installfest /  have options for  install? F23-20160324 Multi Boot ISO (x86_64 Only) — I can help you create a  Multi Arch or host one elsewhere if desired however with the reduction in i686 installs in this day and age it’s not something I will host normally.

Look out for posts | tutorials  | github repo creation / modifications for  this as well in the coming  week(s).


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