F23-20160303 Updated Lives Available NOW. (4.4.3-300 Kernel)

It’s that  time again,  another kernel dropped to stable updates.  This respin cycle  also includes a series of updates (shown below).


Kernel:  4.4.3-300

RHBZ Fixes:

  • Fix automounting behavior of ATA drives (rhbz 1310682)
  • Fix suspend blacklight blanking behavior
  • Fix deferred nouveau module loading on tegra

– CVE-2016-2550 af_unix: incorrect accounting on in-flight fds (rhbz 1311517 1311518)


Generic  Updates of  various packages.

As usual the  respins are  available here at this link: F23 Live Respins.  The link has  traditional .iso and  .torrent  files for your download  method of  choice.

Checksums are  sha512 are  are  below:




Also noted at:  https://jbwillia.wordpress.com/2016/03/03/f23-20160303-update-lives-released/


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