F23-20160229 Updated Lives Available Now.

It’s that  time again,  another kernel dropped to stable updates.  This respin cycle  also includes a  plethora of updates including several recent bugzilla reports (shown below).

SIDENOTE: regarding DROWN,  ALL fedora servers are patched and not vulnerable to this sslv2 attack vector, statement form security-team or admins expected in the coming days to this effect.  For personal systems ensure you are NOT  still allowing  sslv2 connections to your critical instances and that you are updated to openssl-1.0.2g.


Kernel:  4.4.2-301

rhbz  fixes:

CVE 2015-7547 | redhat CVE 2016-0235 (glibc)


1305803 & 1305804  — CVE 2016-0617

1308452 & 1308453 — CVE 2016-2383

1308444 & 1308445 — CVE 2016-2384

As usual the  respins are  available here at this link: F23 Live Respins.  The link has  traditional .iso and  .torrent  files for your download  method of  choice.

Checksums are  sha512 are  are  below:





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