Health Insurer Missing Hard Drives and Patient Data

ComputerWorld Article — Health Insurer reports 6 Hard Drives Missing

As mentioned in the above article,  Centene has  reported having lost  (or misplaced) 6 hard drives with patient data from 21 states totaling 95k patients.   They claim it has no reason to believe anything malicious has been done with the data but  its reporting in an effort to show an abundance of caution and transparency.

From the article above:

The hard drives contained the personal health information of customers who received laboratory services from 2009 to 2015. The personal information on its customers includes their name, address, date of birth, Social Security number, member ID number and health information.

The hard drives do not include any financial or payment information, Centene stated.

Neidorff said the hard drives were part of a data project using laboratory results “to improve the health outcomes of our members.”

As has become the de-facto aftermath effort  Centere has indicated they will be  contacting any possible patients that were / could be effected and offering monitoring for credit and healthcare accounts for an undisclosed time and from a undisclosed vendor.

Let’s hope this was a simple misplacement or  shoddy logs of  transfer / maintenance  but to any and all effected folks please take due diligence to check and monitor your data.





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