//PG-13 DISCLAIMER// Recent Bomb Threats against some of our most vulnerable citizens, our kids.

Anyone watching or reading the papers can tell that there has been since just before the Christmas Break a rise in Bomb Threats on our youngest kids.  Most recently nearly 2 dozen schools in the East Coast Mid-Atlantic region (namely Delaware to South Carolina) as referenced here:


As the tags in the url allude to this is nothing more than a casing like a ‘cat burglar’ of the  ’70s  would do but on a much bigger scale and the ante has been  upped BIG TIME, not just  a single  family (or their possessions) but often times several HUNDRED or THOUSANDS of kids and families.

Is it  time to start asking or demanding that the TLAs that according to the Snowden files had very little to no hesitance on using tech against Americans and others how about they use it  to save our kids, they ARE our  future after all, or does society as a whole these days not  give two fucks about our future?   Yeah, sure robo-dialers are a royal pain in the ass to  track down but  it’s  immensely  harder if you aren’t  even leveraging your resources or  doing so  effectively  and  wisely.  I personally don’t want to go down the rabbit holes that lead to  conspiracy false flag  theories OR ‘it’s all a conditioning tactic’ either but if you look around you and more broadly at the world’s current events you can see and tell me there are signs of  players at hand  looking to strategize how best to maximize death tolls ?  One of the best ways is following the age old wives tale advise practice makes perfect, so practice til its  perfect.  In this arena that entails  dry runs to 1) see the response on  duds or  intentionally  smaller  less lethal attacks and tweak attack waves| timing | vectors and /or  2) to create a big bad wolf  effect,  ‘see it’s just another  false alarm, screw all this security |privacy  grabbing for a cinematic play.   Then when the populace is  well and  good  believing its always  false alarms go in with the real deal and what do you get?  Massive Casualities your intended goal all along.








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