All is good again.

For those of you that follow my  facebook, google + or  twitter feeds, you likely recently saw a post  about the  DC Area Panera networks….

Well I’m glad to say  within hours of  being notified the bulk of the issues at hand were rectified and the remaining ones are  more a time consuming  issue not a lack of  fixing.  It was apparently  larger in scope than I originally  thought but again is  all fixed up or  in the process of being fixed — for the last few small things that take more time to do.

I have  decided to  take things I’ve learned about public networks during this to the design board for my laptop startup venture that is  gaining speed again, Ameridea LLC feel free to check it out, mostly  setting up  tighter defaults for public or unknown networks.  These issues were a bit  below the surface, and affect more networks than one would like to believe, including home networks and defaults on laptops these days,  and while  I hate to admit I’ve gained a bit of a flat tire sitting around studying the newest design specs, and studying how power switching on motherboards work, I need to get back in the gym, I’ll just take this as a gentle ‘suggestion’ as some would call it, one among those being my doc :).







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