Fosscon 2015 ( August 22nd 2015)

Fosscon 2015 Fosscon 2015:

Free And Open Source  Conference 2015, is a 9-5 conference that is STRICTLY  about foss projects and initiatives,  regardless of  language (spoken or coding), Operating System, or most any other  common limitation.

Date: Saturday, Aug. 22, 2015

Where: Friends Center, Philadelphia, Pa

Cost:  2 options    FREE,  donation welcome : Donations include Fosscon Tshirt, Fosscon Hoodie  for donations of  $25 / $50  respectively.


So what can you expect to see at Fosscon:

Some  notable Speakers:

  • Christopher Wink:
    • cofounder and Editorial Director of
      • Talk: How open Source is  changing the world.
  • Paul Snyder:
    • SunGard, P.h.D.
      • Talk: Functional Testing For Hard-To-Test Software Using Docker and Wiremock
  • Chris Norton
    • Avid Plug (Philly Linux User Group) member
      • LVM And All its Capabilities in Linux

Full Speaker list:


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