DC Tech Meetup #38, Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Last night the DC Public Library system, namely the MLK Memorial Public Library at 901 G St, planned host to the monthly meetup of  Dc Tech meetup, to which I’m a member.  Last night’s Topic was a  showcase of Women in the Tech industry with just about 800 attendees (both male and female).  The event showcased several very promising ventures lead by or started by women in the Dc Area.   DC Tech Meetup — Event page

Among the most memorable presentation demos last night were TRX Systems, (no not the workout routine) which is an interior  3d mapping company, currently specializing in making commercial and public use spaces for  Public Safety outfits and Civil Gov’t.  Also of noteworthy mention were Upace with an app to help make fitness for, at the moment primarily collegiates, more 1) friendly, respectful as far as scheduled classes, training rooms go 2) more distributed and productive, in so much as to alert app users to the most / least congressed gyms in their  area / memberships and what equipment is in most demand etc. Also making waves last night was GoodWorld with there app and overall push for  social media as a viable fundraising platform, so with their  app, so (god forbid) another tsunami or natural disaster strikes, and  as is now kinda the norm a member charities / Organization has a fundraising  drive mentioned or  run on SNS, using (on facebook,twitter atm — with plans to expand to  IG / YT) #donate sends declared value to the charities or venture in question (with a built in 12 hour safety window — email confirmation and delay in case of  device theft or god forbid identity theft).  And rounding out the night were Senseware and Photox.  Senseware, is a pluggable (as in plug and play) solution for  real-time sensors readings.  Things like CO2, light, Humidity, Temp but rather than just sending it to say your phone/phablet screen it  (with user permission)  shares to  big data shares like are used  for  Global Warming stats, or  more locally Pharmaceutical or  Data Center buildings were such datum are in high demand in a real time sense.   And one of the most socially aware presentations was by Photox, who provide a live warm blooded graphics designer and the other end to  “photoshop/enhance your photos, and no im not just talking  red eye removal”, by that the sort after perfect tan, tattoo  removal, braces the like.   Services range from $0.99 to $9.99, while currently like most apps showcased only available for the iOS devices CEO/Founder Louisa did  mention a web platform (which would be  useable for desktop AND android coming in a few short months in Sept… And  as  always there were some great “Open Mic” 20 pitches/shoutouts to finish the Info part before heading to the local watering hole (the social aspect of the meetups).

Next meeting is slated for Sept 15th, currently venue is unknown, but on that note…

Demo sign ups are  at:  http://bit.ly-dctm-demo

Sept 15th Event page: http://www.meetup.com/DC-Tech-Meetup/events/221440152/

Sponsors  always welcome, watering holes in the area (normally within 2-3 blocks is the idea) that includes you as well..


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