My latest venture… Project SkunkWorks

Ameridea Project  SkunkWorks, Ameridea L.L.C.

As mentioned on my G+ / FB / Li pages and this blog in my Bio, I recently took up a startup venture with a client to build a secure OOTB laptop for  ALL users…   I will keep this blog updated with info as well as the projects’ current  main home on github  (SkunkWorks).

The basic goals of this project are to create and develop the following:

  •  A Out Of The Box Secure laptop platform for all users
  • Open Source / Open Code / Open Firmware solution
  • Modular / Scalable for use by ALL user bases
  • Creating a 501c3 to facilitate the training of  customers and the community at large in secure computing and job skills in mechanical work / IT,
  • Using a  American First  Hiring strategy…. Who wants to see more  American Citizens without work, due to outsourcing?
  • Truly Non-Conflict (No “blood diamond” sourcing of parts, or labor)

Please feel free to reach out to me  or the project at large  with Comments, Concerns, Funding, Skill Share / Trade Offers either on Github page, or here…


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