Fedora 22 Updated ISOs are now available

For those using Fedora 22, which came out just over a month ago now, I have some good news Every month generally in the 1st week of the month  along with another Ambassador (Southern_Gentlem in irc and at http://jbwillia.wordpress.com) Updated ISOs are made and distributed  to the Community at large…

So why do this ?

1) Makes  it easier to have UTD Deployment images for sysadmins

2) Useful for those around the world with slow / crappy internet connections OR data caps that can’t waste increasing amount of bandwidth getting updates post install (most noticeable toward the end of the release support  cycle (~13 months, or  2 releases +1 month).

3) Helps new and veteran users alike get used to infrastructure and support roles in a small but integral way.

So  where can you find these images? In two forms  1) Normal full image standard Download and  2) Torrent Download form at the below permalinks.



I would like to thank Ben (Southern_Gentlem) for taking the time to create the monthly installments of the isos and hosting them, as well as  my fellow seeders Striker, danofstax and Wendy (Bodhi_zazen) who makes her VPS container available as a secondary seed machine and builder.  Feel free to reach out to any of us with issues, comments, compliants.   Southern_Gentlem has a webblog here too @ http://jbwillia.wordpress.com


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